Modernize your system

The purpose of our company is to provide you a software by which you can modernize your management system. School management software can effectively access to both detail and summarize data of all the students and can make better decision in the favor of students that results better education and better enrollment for the institute.

Easy adaptation

 This software can easily adapt to your institution’s system and process through the right configuration of batches and courses

Web and desktop based

 There is no need to install anything in your system it is web and desktop based enterprise software. It means you can use it on your favorite browser.

Your Data, Your Server

You can host this software on your server. You do not have to need our server.

Addiction of using features

 Your students, faculty and parents will love to use this software for daily purposes.

Wide range of service

This software provides you variety of services like : students info, online fee submission, integrated message system, faculty info, institution record , customization, support, installation plus more.

No error no guilty

 This software fix all errors. You will not found mistake in any record For example in accounts , marks sheet formula, fee collection, attendance record, salary calculations and many other features.

Affordable packages

 We are offering lowest price packages with a lots of smart features. Schools, colleges and universities of any size can easily afford this software services.

Save time

 You can save your time as compare to manual work. You can take out any inquiry in a single click.

Regular software updates

Software automatically updates all features you no need to update one by one features.

Online marks sheet of students

 You can upload student’s marks sheet and sent to parents through email.

Online salary slips

 It’s difficult to keep the data in files form some time we feel an error in calculation. By the help of this software you not need to worry you just enter formula one time and apply it on all staff salaries. And all staff can get salary slips online.

100% secure

All data is secured. Don’t worry about any crucial information being stolen. This software protects your data

No hidden charges

There are no hidden charges like other software’s you will pay only one time.

No unnecessary features

All features are useful and valuable with no spurious functionality.

Guardian detail available

 Complete details of guardians and parents are instantly available in case of emergency.

Siblings detail is available

 Complete detail of student’s sibling is present in it you can check easily how many family members are studying in this school.

Student assessment

Get a graphical analysis of student performance with the help of this software.

Teacher evaluation

 You can evaluate teacher performance by the feedback of students that they give on online forms.

Regular campus updates

Regular campus updates are shown to all logged in users. It’s almost like blogging!

Attendance class wise

It’s a unique and reliable feature by which you check attendance class wise, over all school and of a specific student.

Record of student’s attendance

 You can take record of student’s attendance and can check in a single click.

Unique ID or Bar code for all

 This software provides unique ID for all. This software provides unique Bar code to every student due to which a student will enter or leave the school.

Time table management

 Powerful timetable module helps your organization function efficiently. You can manage your timetable and events easily.

Exam management

 It allows you to manage exams, create exam timetables and reports, as well as publish reports. You can easily manage exams to make the final mark sheet of a batch of students.

Free demo

We are providing 30 day free trial period for the demo you can use all features free of cost.

Customize development

 If the basic version of this software does not exactly match your requirements you can customize it.

Availability of support center

Milestone Team is there to offer support 6 days in a week to help with any problem you encounter or answer any questions you may have about this software.

Manage Branches

 You can manage your branches at a time and you can update your data and send to all Campuses check record of anything plus more.

Send message to parents, management and students

You can send new update or news to parents, management and students through SMS and Email.

Your own custom URL

Set your own custom URL for this software installation

Easy adaptation

This software can easily adapt to your institution’s system and process through the right Configuration of batches and courses.



Grading policy

This replaces any grading scales that have been used previously and is applied across the school, college and university to all preparatory, undergraduate, graduate and Postgraduate courses and across all Faculties.

Collaborate with students and with other users

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